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The Wabi Sabi of Casa Otra Vez

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese concept, which signifies beauty, or balance, in spite of its imperfection, and sense of impermanence. Casa Otra Vez is all those things. It's a little bit modern, a little old. A little bit common sense, with a bit of eccentricity. The builder, who was enamored with the Santa Fe Style, seemed to design this place by intuition and texture. You'll love Casa Otra Vez if you can appreciate the hand finished plaster of the fireplace, the hand cast brick adobe walls. What might annoy you is that big cars won't fit into the garage. Why? Because the walls are built of adobe, and the impermanence can be felt as you drive into them by mistake! Big cars --big trucks, SUV's, and large vans, alas, must be parked on the well lit driveway. It could be said, that New Mexico is Wabi Sabi, as well. From dirt roads to new office towers, majestic red cliffs to the trails in the Sandia foothills. In the city, the contrast can be seen on busy 4th Street NW when the sun starts to set. You're driving and you see that stunning display of reds, pinks, blues -the gamut of colors, as you pass the neon signs of Blake's.

New Mexico has always been, will always be a place of stark contrasts. From the landscapes, cities, to the every aspect of our people. Sometimes, it is out of balance, but the one thread amongst all New Mexicans is the unabashed deep spiritual connection with this spirit, familial ties, heritage, and the huge swath of blue skies that holds us together.

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