• Kanani Fong

The Wabi Sabi of Casa Otra Vez

It's a Japanese concept, which signifies beauty, or balance, in spite of its imperfection, and impermanance. And indeep, Casa Otra Vez is all those things. In fact, it could be said, New Mexico is Wabi Sabi. From dirt roads to majestic red cliffs. In the city, the contrast can be seen on busy 4th Street NW when the sun starts to set. You're driving and you see that stunning display of reds, pinks, blues -the gamut of colors. Around the house, we can see it in the hand finished stucco work that covers the kiva fireplace, its chimney and the staircase. It's rustic and simple, but still, quite beautiful and calming. d


Secure, short-term accommodations for professionals coming to work in Albuquerque.  

Business License, City of Albuquerque, 2019

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Short term leasing and all management by Southwest Suites, the leader in private, corporate housing for twenty years.

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