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Dreamy walks, Glorious hikes

Whether flat and soft dirt trails down in the Bosque, or sand and gravel trails in the Sandia foothills, there are plenty of places to have a challenging and beautiful

walk in the local area. With the Rio Grande Nature Center only a quick 2 mile drive down the road, to the Sandia foothills, a few miles east, there are plenty of places for you to recharge in the midst of a heavy work schedule.

Note: Always bring a backpack filled with water, wear sunscreen, a hat, and dress appropriately for all seasons. Invest in good walking shoes, and download the ALL TRAILS app, and pay a visit to the local REI for more maps and info on local trails. Visit Outdoor REGear, a hiking and outdoor recreation consignment store for quality, gently used outdoor gear. 


If you're going into the wilderness, the City of Albuquerque would like you to read this informative piece on helping to protect the few remaining Black Bears in the Sandias. Click on the bear!

Black bear cub sitting on a branch of a
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