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Mountain Ridge

Giving Back



To be a part of our living, growing community. Each month we are rented to corporate clients, Casa Otra Vez gives back to organizations that lead to the betterment of lives in Albuquerque and our indigenous communities. We provide a safe, well-furnished and appointed place for people to call home while they are here.



This year, weʻre proud to support Ethos Literacy

and the Tuba City Humane Society. 

Located in Albuquerque, Ethos Literacy helps people learn to read and write, thus boosting their self confidence and their ability to pursue better jobs, partake in building a better community, and be a better advocate for themselves and their families.
The Tuba City Humane Society is the only animal rescue organization serving the western Navajo Nation and the Hopi Tribes. It is an all-volunteer network, which rescues, and assists animals found on the reservation. 

Past recipients:

Albuquerque Youth Symphony
A Park Above

Food For Love (Roadrunner Food Bank)

ABQ Healthcare for the Homeless

The Nature Conservancy

Argos Dog Rescue

Center for Biological Diversity

Team Frijoles (Animal Rescue, Santa Fe)

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