Rental procedures, house rules & covid

Hello!  Casa Otra Vez is available to rent through Southwest Suites, who works with a variety of companies and will verify employment, conduct standard rental checks, draw up leases, and collect deposits and payments. Southwest Suites handles all the housekeeping and maintenance during your stay.  ​They're the leader in corporate housing, and has a well organized, professional way to help make your stay productive and smooth.  

Casa Otra Vez is a no pet, no smoking house. Please, do not do any smoking or vaping inside or on the grounds. 

Casa Otra Vez is never to be sublet by the tenant. Please talk to Southwest Suites if you require date changes due to any changes in your filming schedule or employment contract.

COVID: All state Public Health Orders & Executive Orders apply.  
For guidelines, check with the state public health department website. Please be aware that in certain situations around town, there are many local businesses and offices that might ask you to wear a mask. 

Wash hands, wear a mask, social distance, stay home if you are sick or seek medical help. If you get covid, please check in regularly with someone. If you need to go to the hospital, do not delay. Please call 911.


Large cars, SUV's, Vans, and Trucks must be parked in the driveway, but not in the garage. If you are in doubt, please measure your car, to ensure that it is no longer than 18 feet long (the size of a Toyota Truck).  The walls are made of adobe, and are very soft. The integrity of the house is damaged when the walls are hit.

Please use the Ring Alarm system coming in and going out. Instructions will be sent to you.

Please keep the front gate locked 24/7.



Shoes: We roll Hawaiian-style into the house. Please remove your shoes. This helps keep the dirt and dust down, as well as the goatheads (stickers) from going into the carpet. If you see goatheads in your shoes, please throw them in the trash, as we don't want them growing in our garden.

If you go to the Jemez Hot Springs, there are beach towels in the downstairs bathroom to take there. Please do not take the white bath towels.

Please keep the BBQ in the front yard. Moving it to the back results in the swamp cooler picking up the smoke, and blowing it into the house. And then you are smelling of BBQ for days, and the walls upstairs turn black.

If you use the fireplace, we only allow duraflame logs, one at a time. Please check with the city to make sure it's a BURN day.  Call (505) 768-BURN or (505) 768-2876.   As for candles, please burn the small tea lights provided for you in holders.  An Ash bucket has been provided for you to throw either fireplace or barbecue ashes, then dispose of them in the trash. 

Casa Otra Vez cannot accommodate large parties or gatherings. All noise should end at 9 PM on weeknights and at 11 PM on weekends. 

Please put the trash out on Wednesday evenings, for the 7:30 AM pickup on Thursday.


Thank you!