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Supporting the Tuba City Humane Society

When we started Casa Otra Vez, it was our desire that each month Casa Otra Vez was rented to a corporate client, weʻd gladly share a portion of the profits with organizations that support our local and indigenous communities. Being of native Hawaiian (Kānaka Maoli) heritage, the Navajo, Apache, and. Pueblo tribes have always been a point of kinship for me.

This week, I was back in Southern California and I noticed that my local Grocery Outlet was chockful of toys and chews. Grocery Outlet, for those of you who are fans, is a good place for bargains on quality food --and pet food and toys! I was happy to send this trove of dog chews and toys off to the Tuba City Humane Society, a 501 (c)(3) organization.

I was introduced to them a few years ago, by my friend Rob Lewis, whose compelling Facebook posts of sick animals (like Miss Silver, who has megaesphogus). His posts had me ponying up to donate to help them. Rob and his wife are both avid hikers and REI employees. Theyʻre also steadfast supporters of animals in need.

TCHS is the only animal rescue organization serving the western Navajo Nation and the Hopi Tribe. Their mission is to end animal homelessness, suffering, overpopulation and provide the resources to bring these goals to fruition. Theyʻre a resource for a four-state area, where the roads are winding and the distances can be long. Itʻs run by a network of volunteers, who post regularly on their facebook page.

Here are some of the things they do: Rescuing animals, helping find lost animals, providing both basic and emergency veterinary care, as well as covering the cost of life-saving operations and treatments. Setting up low cost spay/neuter clinics, and vaccination days. Treat and prevent a wide range of diseases, including tick borne diseases. Arranging for, and volunteering to foster animals until they are ready for adoption. And, most importantly, finding good homes for them and encouraging people be good shepherds for their pets. They do this on a shoestring, with volunteers who mostly work from home, with many of them busy with families and full-time jobs.

Itʻs a network of people who can be counted on to not only go the long distances to pick up a litter of kittens or pups, but also rescue animals in such distress, they need immediate veterinary assistance.

The box Iʻm sending is such a small drop in the bucket, and there are times when the cry has gone out to replenish their always dwindling supply of food, blankets, and other vital necessities.

You can find links to their wish lists on Amazon, Chewy, and Walmart. Theyʻve ranked the items that they need the most.

If youʻd like to help, use those links. Or you can donate cash through paypal. You can even call or write to them or message them over FB, and send them a check directly.

Lastly, hereʻs Ellie, a tiny little pup they rescued last week. Ellie was critically ill and they werenʻt sure sheʻd make it. Fortunately, after some vetting by Elward and Dr. Holgate, Ellie is doing much better. Iʻm hoping she makes it all the way to 8 weeks, then 14 weeks, continues to get the full raft of vaccinations and ends up with a loving furever home. Also: Note to pet food maker Purina, and to Spunky Pup dog toys -please support the Tuba City Humane Society!

See below for more pics:

Six (or maybe itʻs eight, I grabbed a bunch) little bears by Spunky Pup are going to pups will help reduce stress, increase healthy play and socialization.

Bags of Prime Bones by Purina will help calm pups by giving them something constructive to chew on. These are rawhide free!

There are also Silly Critters by Tekno Products, as well as Plush & Squeak Toys by Kimee, but I couldnʻt find a company link for them to let them know!

Thanks to the management at Southwest Suites, and helping Casa Otra Vez meet its mission to be an asset to the community.

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